SourceAgain PC Professional

Ahpah's premier decompilation product

With SourceAgain PC Professional, you can do so much more than simply decompile standalone class files. With SourceAgain Professional, you can seamlessly step into methods from class files for which you do not have the original source. SourceAgain Professional not only decompiles class files, it also produces a new class file complete with debugging information. This debugging information corresponds to the generated source code. With SourceAgain Professional, source code can be used within your favorite debugger, without ever recompiling.

No longer will you have to wonder which third party component is causing your problems. Simply step into the code!

SourceAgain Professional produces classfiles with Java standard debugging symbols. As a result the produced classfiles work directly within popular IDEs.

All versions of SourceAgain support Java 2 and later versions of the JDK including JDK 1.3.x. SourceAgain supports such features as inner classes and popular class libraries such as Swing.


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